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 Darkshade101's deck shop

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PostSubject: Darkshade101's deck shop   Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:47 am


Welcome to my shop those r the available decks for now

Note- my tiers ARE NOt for Sale

1- Join the Power of DARKNESS with the YUBEL deck for 60

2- BZZ BZZ Insects arent Distugsting these Days and with Insects i Mean Inzektors for 90

3- The Chaos The DARK the LIGHT who'll win Chaos deck for 80

4- Do u Like Music then Buy my Choas Piper deck 70

5- MACHINES do u like them i guess YES buy Genex's for 40

6- Fiends who arent evil just Ugly so wanna Discover there powers buy my fabled deck for 80

7- Rabt Rabt Imagine Warrior Frogs it would be cool buy my atk frogs for 50

8- We will fight until the VERY END they talk tough for frogs lets see if its easy for them buy my Def frogs for 30

9- Ever knew that frogs can Become more and more Faster than us humans well try my XYZ frogs they sp alot for 70
10- Special SUMMON FEVER with WIND ups for 100

11- Ninja's and heroes Combined sounds Tough buy my bubble beat down for 80

12- Like everyone says that Avian and his other e heroes r WEAK but NOPE cause when they Combine they r STRONG buy me hero beat down for 60

13- Masked heroes whats there Identifies is Acid Bubble man or Ice edge Dont Know try my Masked hero deck for 60


15- EWWW a Worm thats what ppl say but dosent go like this for my Worms buy them for 80

16- Soo cute but EVIL buy my maldoche deck for 70

17- ooh Shiny buy my phonton deck for 70

I make Custom decks they will be ready in 1 day to 3 days

the cost is Ussually from 50 to 200 and we can discusses it and btw the 200 if its an ultimate deck

Note: if u buy 3 decks u get 1 for free and if u buy 2 decks u get a 50% disscount on a deck and the free deck only apalies on the Decks thats up

Any Suggestions contact me

PM me (darkshade101)
in DN (masked duelist1999)

Ok guys new Applications in my shop u can get Mystery and random decks from my shop

Mystery decks: its from the displayed decks u choose a number from 1 to 1o its either 1 of them or nothing or 1 free deck of your choice and there is a LUCKY number that u take all of the displayed decks just for 30 points!!! and a free custom deck
The cost of the mystery deck is 50 to try its worth it u know !!!!!!!!!

Random decks: ya know random stacked cards that manage to be 20 monsters 10 spells and 10 traps they r all random they cost 10 points!!

We have Diffrent Offers every Monday's for the first customer
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Darkshade101's deck shop
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