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 My Puppet Brigade!

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PostSubject: My Puppet Brigade!   Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:36 pm

So, I'm looking for some help on my Puppet Brigade deck. It's painfully obvious that it lacks in defensive cards and its only true strength is field swarm. Any card combos or support cards to go with it? Also, one big weakness is not having enough field space, so maybe a tribute magic card or two would help.


Cyber Dragon x 2
Effect Veiler x 2
Gorz x 1
Ninishi x 3
Inashichi x 2
Haipa x 2
Kuick x 1
Nisamu x 1
Nishipachi x 2
Saizan x 2


Dark Hole x 1
De-Synchro x 3
Heavy Storm x 1
Instant Ramen Fusion x 2
Karakuri Cash Cache x 2
Machine Duplication x 1
Mind Control x 1
Monster Reborn x 1
MST x 2
Pot of Avarice x 1


CotH x 1
Mirror Force x 2
Solemn Warning x 2
Starlight Road x 1
Ultimate Offering x 1


Cyber Saurus x 2
Catastor x 1
Burei x 3
Bureido x 3
Naturia Barkion x 1
Naturia Beast x 1
Scrap Dragon x 1
Stardust Dragon x 1
Tiras x 1
Zenmaines x 1
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My Puppet Brigade!
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