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 check this noob/cheater out

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PostSubject: check this noob/cheater out   Tue Nov 27, 2012 6:21 pm

allprostickman: glhf
Halowarlord101: you 2
Halowarlord101: good move
allprostickman: ty
Halowarlord101: ym
allprostickman: k?
Halowarlord101: what
allprostickman: ?
allprostickman: eff
allprostickman: sync 8
Halowarlord101: ugh
Halowarlord101 has lost 300 life points
allprostickman: wtf are you doing?
Halowarlord101: attacking
allprostickman: how do you get him?
Halowarlord101: my bad
Halowarlord101: re flect it on you
allprostickman: with what?
allprostickman: umm
Halowarlord101: i destroyed your 2 monsters
allprostickman: WITH WHAT?
Halowarlord101: ster
allprostickman: -____-
Halowarlord101: my bad star
allprostickman: first
allprostickman: it says 2 cards
allprostickman: 2nd
allprostickman: not by battle
allprostickman: third
allprostickman: im not destroying anyhting
Halowarlord101: sorry
Halowarlord101: what
allprostickman: attacking with him
Halowarlord101 admitted defeat
Halowarlord101 has left the duel
allprostickman: WTF?!

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PostSubject: Re: check this noob/cheater out   Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:42 am

lol thats why i like to duel people with high exp

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check this noob/cheater out
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