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 Guide on making a Non Arch type deck (Basic Version)

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PostSubject: Re: Guide on making a Non Arch type deck (Basic Version)   Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:58 pm

Well, as of late, the use of Non Arch type decks lessened with the up bringing of the so called meta decks, anti-meta decks, etc, to be specific, an arch type deck.

To basically explain an arch type deck, it is a deck with a specific category, e.g.: Blackwing, Lightsworn, Six Samurai, Dark Worlds, Rabbit.

For your deck to be classified as a non arch type, cards that are in the deck can be linked to one another, yet not directly, e.g.: Mixed type of Water Absolute.

That's it for the explanation, now on to the tips.

Don't flame me or anything because this is only for a starter Non Arch type deck tips and since I have a lot of these, I know what I'm talking about.

Also, I matched this with the modern Era of today since there are now the cards called Numbers.


1. Always take monsters that have effects that could destroy your opponents hand and/or manipulate them.
2. Have monsters that could special summon other monsters. Not like Red-Eyes.
3. Destruction monsters are also appreciated like Ryko.
4. Have loads of Level 4 monsters for Synchro or XYZ purpose more than Level 8 monsters or higher, since the majority finds it difficult to XYZ high level monsters. But to be honest, it ain't that hard...
5. Make sure when you plant high level monsters to your deck, always have cards that could special summon them more than normal summon.
6. Have at least 19 to 22 monsters. The lower the better. But, make sure that the spells and traps you have won't cause you dead draws which are mostly happening in decks like Malefic.
7. If you'd like, have Rescue Rabbit in it .
8. Have Jinzo for no traps.


1. Almost like monsters
2. Have manipulative and destruction cards like:
Ex: Creature Swap, Mind Control, Enemy Controller.
3. Focus more on cards that would make the duel faster and always have a pot of avarice in your deck if you're the type to restore your cards to your deck.
4. If you battle an RFP user, the basic thing for your deck is to have a lot of Mystical Space Typhoon.
5. Finally, never ever forget the principle of the basics when you intend to special summon.
6. Have at least 10 to 12 spells.
7. If you like using field spells, have Terraforming and Field Barrier for your deck.

1. Use loads of counter traps. Your enemies will love em'.
2. Cards that are always a must for each deck nowadays is Solemn Judgment, Torrential Tribute, Trap Stun, Mirror Force and Compulsory Evacuation Device. (Based from all the duels I've been through and some of my team mates experiences.)
4. To be able to save your bum for the last turn, you should have Return from the Different Dimension card in your deck if your arch type sometimes removes cards from the grave/field and puts them to banish.
5. As far as a level 4 type of non arch type deck, have Ultimate Offering by your side a lot.
6. For you to negate a monster effect, have Skill Drain .
7. Lastly, have Royal Decree to ensure your success for no traps duel.
8. Extra tip, have at least 8 to 11 traps .

*Side Note: Have your decks mostly to 40 cards only, so you won't have a difficult time in drawing cards you need.

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Guide on making a Non Arch type deck (Basic Version)
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