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 Hall of Fame Rules

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PostSubject: Re: Hall of Fame Rules   Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:37 pm

So this is the hall of fame... a place where an academy player has won the following:

War Freak Hall Of Fame - This award is given to the MVP player for each war that this academy will have. MVP players must be the once who has eliminated most of all the opponents or must have performed best during the war.

Troller: This award is given to those who spam the field for 5 straight duels using the same deck.

Wacker: This award is given to the person who won 3 straight duels using a deck with a number of 60 cards.

Only Arc: This award is given to the person who won 3 straight duels using an all traps/monsters/spells deck.

Tournament King/Queen: Award given to the person who won the tournament.

King/Queen of Games: An award given to those who won 2 tournaments straight and is therefore crowned as one of the best duelists here in the academy.

Gauntlet Champion: People who won a gauntlet mat

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Hall of Fame Rules
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