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Welcome To Darkness And Light Academy! Register Then Log In After That Log In To Chat For A Test!

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All about ★ϟ★Yuko Tsikumaru★ϟ★

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I'm android 3...There's nothing random about me.
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Nowhere and everywhere!(if you get it)[If you didn't get my reference I'm here:]I'm never in teh smae place, I travel from world to world, ueling, fighting, battling, things of the such. Look hard and you just might find me in your world.
Job/hobbies Job/hobbies :
Saving Earth...Over and over and over...Ugh...
Humor Humor :
3:Well, tell me...Where's your super amazing power now that I've arived, Xicor? Xicor:Why you little brat! The only weakling here is you! 3:I'll be sure to carve on your gravestone that you died thinking you were the best!*fires giant kamehameha**Xicor dies* 3:That was easy. Goku:Eh...Yeah, it was...
★ϟ★Yuko Tsikumaru★ϟ★
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Slifer Red
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